We’ve Got Your Jetpack right here.

Nov 1, 2011 | Featured

R emember all those books, movies and TV shows that all promised that we would have jetpacks by the turn of the century? We all thought we would use them to get from country to country when we ditched our earthbound cars for super-futuristic flight technology. We would use them to visit Grandma, get to work and enable commerce. Certainly by the time we hit the year 2000 someone should have invented a safe, eco-friendly jetpack, right? Well, as it turns out, necessity IS the mother of invention and we don’t need no stinkin’ jetpacks. We’ve got something better: the Internet.

Listen, do you know how dangerous and expensive a Jetpack actually is? You can read this article if you want Five Reasons You Don’t Have a Personal Jetpack Yet, but I’m going to give you three good reasons why you don’t need one.

First, you can see your Nana whenever you want if you hook her up wih an iPad and a Skype account. And you won’t even have to wipe off the lavender lipstick.

Second, you can tele-commute to your job now whenever you really need to. Citrix and GoToMyPC have seen to that. The only reason your boss doesn’t let YOU do it is because you would goof off on the Cheezburger network all day.

And Commerce? Marketing? We’ve got that covered right here at Social Marketing Associates. Websites that sell your services, Facebook fanpages that get you noticed, YouTube channels where you can showcase your stuff, and Google Places accounts that help you get found locally and right here on the old-fashioned, new-fangled Internet.

So stop looking up in the sky, dude. We’ve got your Jetpack right here.

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