Why Does a Franchise Location Need Its Own Blog?

Mar 13, 2012 | Blog

Franchise Online Marketing WordPress TrainingAs a Franchise owner you may ask yourself, “Why would I need to have an individual website, blog or social profile for each Franchise?” or even “Why do I need a website at all? Doesn’t my Regional Franchise Manager handle all of this?” Although there may be several obstacles to building your own online presence for an individual Franchise location, the rewards are well worth it.

Optimization of Your Blog or Website for Mobile Searches

So many customers now search their smartphones for goods and services that having a website that is optimized for both Local and Mobile searches is essential for getting leads. Most of the apps on the iPhone, Android or Blackberry use Google Places and other Local directories to assist potential customers to find you.

Optimization of Your Blog or Website for Local Searches

Local Optimization gives your local franchises credibility with the search engines. Individual franchises will be seen as local businesses and enhance their authority as a local professional and expert, which boosts website conversions. Having fresh news and content on each Franchisee website, including community news and information, is important as it presents the most current and relevant results for a local search.

Identify Each Franchise with its Own Region and Reputation

Let’s face it: Even though franchises are supposed to be providing equal goods and services, we all know all Franchises are not created equal. Whether it be the location, or the efforts of a particular manager, you may have a variance in the service and productivity throughout locations. If you own multiple locations, isn’t it better to have an online complaint about a single location so you can expediently and quickly manage that individual complaint, rather than dispel negativity for a string of locations all bundled up into a single website? What if a nearby franchise location that you don’t own and are not associated with is experiencing a situation? Shouldn’t other locations be able to conduct business as usual?

Display Your Specific Offers, Events, Services and Products

Specific offers, unique to each location, should be displayed to encourage customers to patronize the appropriate location. Simplify the process for customers to join each email or text list to receive news for events or offers from the franchise located in their area. There should be no confusion about which deals can be had where, as you don’t want to get a reputation for disappointing customers.

Display Your Specific, Local Numbers and Local Addresses

Having a Local site or social presence gives consumers confidence that you are a genuine local business, and that they won’t have to call a distant head office to handle any customer interactions. Studies show that customers visit their local franchise locations 63% more than any others. Make this an easy decision for them by displaying a local phone number and address.

Checklist: Is Your Website or Blog Optimized for Local and Mobile Searches?

Go to the Web and Review:

  • When you search for your franchise name with your location, do you appear at the top of your results, or at all?
  • Are your local contact details on each page of your website? Physical address, phone number and email address?
  • Is there a clear link on your homepage to your location’s specific goods and services with pricing?
  • Are the Special Offers specific to your location clearly visible on the homepage?
  • Does the blog or “recent events” section of your site show on your homepage?
  • Have either your blog or another section of your homepage been updated in the last week?
  • Are you displaying at least one positive review on your homepage?
  • Can your website be easily read from the screen of a smartphone?

If your website is lacking in four or more of these categories, you may wish to do some website revisions. Incidentally, most of the reasons you need to have an individual website applies to your Social presence as well. If you apply this checklist to your Facebook page, YouTube channel or Twitter profile and come up lacking, you are doing yourself and your business a disservice.

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