Mobile Marketing Mastery

Using Your Customers’ Mobile Phones to Get Into Their Pockets and Stay On Their Minds

The latest marketing technology is already in the hands of your customers just waiting for you to reach out to them. With a response rate of over 90 per cent and costing only pennies per customer, Mobile Marketing delivers an unbelievable return on your investment, dwarfing all other marketing methods.

  • Stop leaving money on the table by passing up opportunities to connect with your mobile-equipped customers.
  • Learn what to say and do to make your customers eager to leave you their mobile number
  • Convert your list of clients into instant sales with simple 140 character text messages

Ask yourself: who do I know that doesn’t have a cell phone? Nobody. If it only costs you pennies per customer and gets you an instant monetary response why aren’t you already doing this? Probably because you don’t know how. Let’s fix that. Sign up for your Mobile Marketing Money seminar now.

  • Stop Wasting Your Time
  • Learn the Secrets to Getting More Leads
  • Transform Leads into Customers

Ryan Williams is a Marketing Technologist and the Director at Social Marketing Associates,
a Babylon, NY based Online Marketing Firm that assists small businesses with getting more
customers from their online efforts.
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